The owner of this dog by accident and saw her look at all the wonderful video !!

found in birds and animals to thrive in the job hunter already done in the tail is docked in a small young .. .. .. good agility going to small health problems, some heart .. ..have indicated, however, the owner is so . less than the height of the registering named Mary. Kg and a maximum weight of fifteen.

There are colorful. The hair gets a little long, uneven ..
How hard will not do anything without hesitation the owner of these smart to follow up .. .. Keep children close to their tiny little miss .. But the senior boys to deal with these as well ..

Steal these, simply because it would have to raise for the salvation of the least watched .. British flattr homes and reared in the year .. .. Children need to exercise, this may well be there are twelve to fifteen years of age for registering three to eight .. Gun Dog category.

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