Team building activity

Building the activities of the company and to have the friendship that advantage of all the companies it will improve the atmosphere of the office. But in Vietnam, did not doubt that the activity of a company through a little bit of team building.

Undetected asked to name a company team building, and ate most of the male employees of the company, the company quickly hung up the neck of the female staff was grapes have to pay. lies on the neck of the female employees came to the bottom of the on the vine.

The clip has been uploaded to the website Weibo, the Chinese video sharing claims that the friendship with in the employees. This is called the Black User uploaded a video.

The male staff is trying to make with your mouth and eat the grapes without using their hands. It is quickly eaten up to pay the women’s partners promoting them. One of the striped shirts Women’s partner in the last match of the first to see the completion of homework, and share the joy.

Competition from China to upload the heels of similar . After the capture of biting a woman employee of a few days ago, a video was uploaded from China to give to the boss, a man with a pen and mouth. caused great things on the Internet.

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