Kenichi Itto – The Monkey Man

This is kenichi itto….
….and after running 100 meters in just under 20 seconds. He’s officially the fastest man on four legs . Ito has trained for over 8 years… And he developed six distinct all four movements… With his top speed running style based on puts monkeys… Ito holds a season ticket to the local zoo.. where he spends his days studying primates.. and dreaming about the dog monkey running is an Olympic sport.

He says ” well certainly four – legged running isn’t an Olympic sport yet. But my prediction is that in 500 year’s time. All track athletes will be running on all fours”.

The self – proclaimed monkey man practices his walking on the streets. The self-proclaimed monkey man practices his walking on the streets.. but not everyone likes sharing the side-walk with a would the simian.

“In the streets around here i get stopped by the police. So i went up into the mountain for a month to complete a training camp, but on the first day, a hunter mistook me for a wild boar, and he tried to shoot me”

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