American president’s Cadillac

Supercar for US President-designate Donald One of the US ‘ Syamdhar specifications used by the former presidents inclusive car.

There will be blood bags in the car, filled with tear gas of the president. increase the car’s doors and windows with bullet attacks. The toll road will be able to provide that this car is provided with $ 15 million in the United States Motors car. And it is more than systems. But more than the safety of the car is set at the top. In general, it is required that you want to .2014 to replace the US Secret Service, the agency’s car, which is why the new model of the car is now prepared. The black and silver color of the car is provided. The car is the total weight of 4.5 tonnes.

The car will carry the airliner and the US President’s visit were held in every country. Night Vision Cameras, which is climate travel, GPS and satellite systems . Eight inches is the thickness of the . SpiceJet equivalent of the Boeing 747, and weighs door.

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